What is a BloKart and BloKarting

If you haven’t been Lucky Enough to be introduced to the world of Blokarting, then take the time to browse our Website !!!

Think of a Blokart as a mini land yacht, fast, fun, safe and comparatively affordable, and you won't be too far wrong.  They have a 3-wheeled steel chassis that is light strong and protective.  Drive is produced by the single hand controlled sail in sizes of 2,3,4 or 5.5sqm and you steer with a hand tiller bar, like a steering wheel.

They are amazingly easy to sail, and are suitable for young and old
age 8 to 80 alike.  Most people take minutes to get going, it's just the finesse that takes a while to learn !!!  Blokarts are fast and you really feel it, as the pilots are so low to the ground; but they are safe – you are
strapped in and protected by the metal framework.

One of the most amazing features of a Blokart is how small it all breaks down to and unbelievably how it all fits neatly into its owncarrying / storage bag. You can also clip the axles back into the chassis fixings and use the rear wheels to pull the packed up Blokart, along with, saving you lifting it.

The bag, shown above, is less that 1.2 meters in length which means it fits into the boot of most average cars even as small as a Ford KA.
The bag also contains every piece of equipment for the Blokart, including the sail and mast, which also has it's own integral bag.

Watch this Short Video on How Quickly
You Can Assemble Your BloKart:


Blokarts can be used almost anywhere - from beaches to car parks, sports and recreation areas, tennis courts and even on ice (when fitted with Ice Blades). 
They also pack up into a small, neat and easy to wheel or carry bag, that will fit in the boot of most cars and can be assembled in literally minutes with no tools.  All you need to know is if it is whether it’s windy or not !

Paul Beckett invented the Blokart in New Zealand in 1999, building them from a mix of light and extremely durable steel and fibreglass.  About 1,000 a year are produced and a rapidly growing network of dealers covers Europe, UK, Japan, USA and Australia. 

Shortly after its launch the Blokart was awarded the Innovations Award at Soltex, Manchester. In 2001 it was named best summer hardware product at the ISPO sporting goods fair in Munich, being described as “perfect in every detail”.

There is even a growing national and international online community in Yahoo groups.  With the UK dealer network being covered from the North to the South of the Country.
Lots of energy is going into expanding and supporting countrywide racing events and activity centre venues are being added constantly. 

The future of BloKarting is very bright and extremely fun !!!




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  • "What a fantastic time we had!! The kids had no idea we were BloKarting until we pulled up and the smiles on their faces said it all! Happy, friendly going instructors (Nigel be..."
    Sarah, Allan, Kieren, Carrie & Josie Hibble
    Very Smiley Family
  • "Thanks to Nigel and team for a great day. So much fun even if the wind didn't behave as it should. Thanks for all your encouragement not to mention push starts. Will defini..."
    Blokart beginners
  • "I like my adrenaline sports as does my 15 year old daughter. Thought blokarts might be a bit tame but how wrong I was. Clear safety briefing, helmet & gloves and we were ready t..."
    Paul Coleman
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